Who Do You Love?

Message from . November 10, 2016. Category: re-Think God

Who are we?

Our History

ornament1 Hope Church began in 2002 with a young couple, an apartment, and a vision for a church that attempts things only God could pull off.

Our Vision

ornament1 We aim to glorify God and obey our calling to develop and release people of Hope in this city and on behalf of this city.

Our Beliefs

ornament1 We are an evangelical church which accepts the teachings of historic Christianity.

What We're About

ornament1 God’s church is a family, so we aim to be a healthy family. We’re out to develop ourselves into communities with a purpose, and on a mission.

Upcoming Events


  • "I never imagined it would be God’s plan to bring us to a church meeting in an elementary school. We had only attended larger and established churches. After only a few visits, we started picturing ourselves at Hope Church for a very long time. It just felt like home."
  • Student
    Evan is the greatest! We all just love hanging out with him. He reminds us of that guy who's in that movie who does that thing.
  • "I believe a church should help people use their abilities to serve the least and the lost. I did not want to attend a church that just did things on Sundays. Hope Church cares deeply about those in need. It has encouraged me to become a more merciful person in my life."
  • "My wife and I feel like we've grown spiritually so much since being at Hope Church. This church really takes God's Word seriously. But it also helps us connect it to our everyday lives."