We’re making steady progress on prepping our property for use. We hired a Geotechnical survey company, and they’ve returned their soils report. Great news: they’ve given us an option of utilizing a slab-on-grade (with minimal select fill) – that’s a money-saver! Now, on to the Civil and structural engineers for their report.

This is a boring post, but it’s worthwhile anyway. We found out that our church property needs to be platted. What does that mean? Here’s a explanation: Plat is a term for a survey of a piece of land to identify boundaries, easements, flood zones, roadway, and access rights of way. So, that’s what we’re doing….

After taking some time to re-gather, Hope has begun the process of getting to our property. The steps forward are small steps, but they are steps! Right now we are in the process of getting the property platted. God willing, that will take about 30 days. Please keep praying for us. Also, consider making a…

Last week our building committee met with George Tracy, of Tracy Design Studio. George has extensive past experience working with/on churches. Our committee had a great feeling about him, and we selected him as our architect. Right now we are evaluating which type of construction to pursue: wood frame, or steel. Stay tune. And, please,…

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